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Q 1. Can I get service after warranty period also?

Ans: Yes all our valuable customer will get after Sales Service even after the expiration of free warranty. In that case the customer has to pay the cost of repairing.

Q 2. Where I have to inform?

Ans: The customer can through Whatsapp / Email / SMS (24 x 7) or can call at our given phone number/s giving the details of address, product and problem/s. 
The customer can even also directly contact with the manufacturer's help line whihin or without the Warranty period.

Q 3. What is Processing Fees?

Ans: A very nominal Possessing fees has been charged on a few products in certain EMI’s scheme.  

Q 4. For any other quarry?

Ans: For any other quarry one can contact us through Email, Whatsapp or call us between 8 am to 8 pm.